Wednesday, April 2, 2008


well, I am feeling better now. think the hormones were acting up. I work with some very nice people & they proved that to me last night. they have no idea what I was going through so they don't know they helped put the perspective back. I do like my job, it's fun - lots of paperwork but a fun job. I do miss my old unit however I do realize the one I'm in now IS my unit. when you tell people where you work & don't say your new unit it's like you know your home. well thanks guys, that happened. I am no longer a lost soul, I have a home. well off to work now.

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KellySawtelle said...

Dont listen to them UNIT 2 people...they don't know what their talking about!! UNIT ONE will always be your home!!!!!!! ha ha Ya I'm just jealous!!