Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Job

Well I just got an email from a friend asking why I wanted a transfer. Sad to say but I would leave the unit I'm in for my old one in a heartbeat. I spoke with a supervisor & told her I don't like the job & if there's ever an opening in my old place she'd only see my dust as I left. I know she's disappointed but I feel as if no matter what I do it'll NEVER be right. Not only did I get stuck with difficult clients but the staff are difficult also. Maybe my work standards are too high but it is human beings we service. It's not like I don't help out when necessary, gee I even give baths when I work nights. I don't have to but I enjoy working with my people. In all reality I can't wait to"go home ".


Brenda K said...

I love you......and I'll leave you my job when I move back to Va...hahahaha! You'll be HOME....but you'll have 2 new 'roommates'.....I would love for you to be with me in the KNOW that!!...we are 2 peas in a POD!

KellySawtelle said...

Oh Man I would soooooooo love for you to be back in Unit one!!